What is the difference between cosmetic and culinary argan oil?

Both types of argan oil are made from the kernels of the argan fruit. However, for culinary argan oil, the pits are roasted between 15-20 minutes to bring out the deep, nutty flavor. Cosmetic argan oil is just cold-pressed.

Is it a cooking oil or a finishing oil?

It’s a mix of both, due to its smoke point. The smoke point is the deciding factor, so it can not be used with a wok, as wokking requires very high heat. It can be used in pan frying, baking, and making chocolate (our chocolatier Jean Pierre makes delicious sea salt and nut chocolate bars!). It is also delicious as a dressing or drizzled over your favorite fruit. 

Is there a difference between culinary oils available in the US?

Sure, the difference is in taste, quality, certification and sustainability. Ours is always the best quality (EVAO), USDA Organic Certified, artisanal made with continuous temperature control, height of the grill and time. Compare it to processed beer versus handmade beer, with a master brewer. We source sustainable and the argan fruits are wild harvested. It’s expertise with love.

What is the difference between Virgin and Extra Virgin?

The most relevant component: Extra Virgin Argan Oil is much higher in Oleic Acid (Omega-3).

Does roasting have an effect on the quality?

No, research has proven the quality stays excellent. 

Can you backup the benefits?

Of course. For independent scientific information regarding Culinary Argan Oil, please visit www.gretha.com or check out the abstracts of research on the ‘benefits & research’ section of our blog.