Bring out the Umami in your ingredients!

Ms. Jun Mochizuki (, senior oil sommelier and culinary researcher, prepared dishes using SULA NYC’s argan oil.


Two delicious recipes, buckwheat and smoked salmon fresh spring rolls with argan sauce and grilled caciocavallo cheese and zucchini with Chinese-style argan sauce are posted on the TASTY RECIPES section of this website (

Argan oil has 4 times more vitamin E than olive oil, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and is attracting attention as an oil that is good for beauty and health. Edible oil is not greasy and brings out the umami of the ingredients, so it can be used in a variety of dishes.

Ms. Mochizuki’s recipe looks beautiful, and the sauce that maximizes the umami of argan oil is exquisite.

As a senior oil sommelier and culinary researcher, she is involved in various activities. One of them is, as an oil sommelier at the pop-up shop in the Imperial Hotel, where she advises customers on the benefits and usage of olive oil and C8 oil etc. In cooking classes and seminars, she also teaches how to use oil correctly and prepare delicious and healthy dishes. Ms. Mochizuki also organizes events to promote and enjoy happiness through food, as well as connecting with food producers & developing specialty products.

IMG_8110 Processed with Focos

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