Coriander and fried sakura shrimp salad

We are pleased to share 3 recipes created by Mr Satoshi Nakajima, renowned Japanese based food analyst.
Mr.Nakajima created a dressing, a dip and a whipped cream with our extra-virgin culinary argan oil, showcasing its qualities ‘Aemono style’.

About Mr. Satoshi Nakajima:
A renowned certified lecturer of the Japan Food Analyst Association, attending universities and vocational schools such as Nihon University, Asia University, and Tokyo University of Agriculture. In addition to consulting on cooking recipes and product development, he has also appeared on TV programs as an expert on food-related information.

To quote him: “Argan oil can be called a “Magic Seasoning“. I feel that using it as a Aemono, a Japanese style of dressing for vegetables and seafood, or as a dressing oil and dip are the best way to make the goodness of argan oil. It turned out to be particularly compatible with coriander leaves. The peculiar smell of coriander became soft by argan, and even those who dislike coriander can enjoy it.”

  1. Cut about 1 bundle of coriander into easy-to-eat sizes.
  2. After that, just mix with coriander, fried sakura shrimp 

(about 50 gram) and the argan dressing, see below. 

Basic recipe for argan oil dressing:
extra-virgin culinary argan oil: 1 tablespoon
Grain vinegar: 1 tablespoon
A pinch of salt and pepper
Fried Onion 5g (optional)

Coriander and fried sakura shrimp salad
Coriander and fried sakura shrimp salad

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