How Top Doctors Stay Healthy: Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle


Our lives have become so hectic that we rarely get any time for ourselves, we pay no such attention to our social, or spiritual lives. We are humans, not machines and so there’s more to our lives than our duties. I know many of us cannot spare time for other things, but we can follow simple steps to make our days happier and wonderful. As a medical doctor, and a millennial myself, here are some simple actions that will help you to create both wonderful mornings and days!

  • Have a good night’s sleep: Sleep is very important to the human body. Sleep makes you feel better. It boosts your mood and banishes under the eye dark circles. A research has shown that lack of sleep causes hyperpigmentation under eye. Sleep also improves memory by a process called consolidation by which brain practices skills learned while you were awake. It spurs creativity and improves performance .Sleep for at least 6 hours a day. That’s the way you wake up feeling fresh and energised.
  • Wake up early: Waking up early has numerous benefits, from watching sunrise to an active, healthy life; it simply gives you an amazing start of the day. Morning is the richest and most important part of the day. “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” I mean what more do you want? It simply makes your whole day long. It also improves your health and your learning power is twice as much in the morning as that in the night, just give it a try!
  • Begin the day with a glass of water: Drinking water in the morning makes you and your skin feel fresh. Try to add some lemon juice and it gives you a refreshing start for the day. Drink plenty of water during the whole day. Water provides plenty of benefits. It increases brain power to think and concentrate. It boosts your energy levels and relieves fatigue. Water improves body metabolism and so promotes weight loss. Water also helps flush out body toxins and makes the skin look fresh and glowing.
  • Eat breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you loads of energy and your brain will function better. Breakfast boosts your metabolism and helps to burn calories throughout the day. It floods the body with glucose, which is the source of energy to do great things during the whole day.
  • Have a regular workout routine: Exercising regularly reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. It produces positive feelings and improves the mood. It helps to get rid of extra calories and improves metabolism. It also reduces the risk of metabolic diseases such as Diabetes. It can be enjoyable. Give it a try when bored!
  • Smile: Smiling is an attractive expression. It makes you a more appealing and attractive person to be around. A good laugh is an effective way to release emotions. It makes you feel happier and less stressed. Contraction of facial muscles while laughing increases blood flow of face which makes it blushing and glowing.
  • Practice patience: Patience is the ability to control your emotions and proceed calmly when faced with difficulties. It reduces stress level and makes you a happier person and results in better decision making.
  • Speak wisely: Practice thinking before you speak. Speak kindly. Tell the truth. Don’t miss a good chance to shut up. Say “NO” to all sorts of gossips. Our tongue is one of the major reasons which creates difficulties so think twice before speaking. Negative speech leads to depression.
  • Win over hearts: Let your beautiful attitude inspire others to make your day. Multiply your happiness by dividing it. Live simply. Care deeply, and accept we are all part of a system. When you do that, people become attracted to you.
  • Lay off excess sugar: Eating sugar can result in weight gain, which can damage your waste- line. High sugar diet leads to a number of skin problem, including premature aging, acne and loosening of skin. It is also related to a lot of health problems such as Diabetes and Heart diseases. Sugar has a detrimental impact on mental health. It increases risk of depression.
  • Healthy Diet: A nutritious, well balanced diet is the basis of good health. It improves general health of the body and makes it less prone to devastating diseases. It helps to improve everyday body functioning and maintains an optimal body weight. It also makes you look fresh and active.

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