Chocolate from Japan

Enjoying deliciously tasting chocolates infused with our Culinary Argan Oil ( These chocolates were created by the awesome chocolatier Mr. Ginga Suto and were sent to us by Ms. Misao Itoh.
Beautifully balanced, and a treat for your palate! Mr. Suto’s creates “chocolate that’s delicious as well as healthy and energizing. Cacao has various health benefits and since argan oil has not only beauty but also health benefits, it is an interesting combination”. The chocolates are available in Japan at (Romance Chocolate)
We hope everyone in Japan would get the chance to try these delicious and healthy chocolate delights!
Btw we particularly loved the first picture, previously posted by Ms. Fumie Iwasa.
Our special thanks to Ms. Misao Itoh and Mr. Ginga Suto!

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