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Wild harvested in the Argan Bio-Reservoir around Taroudant, where the terroir is hilly and the argan trees have to root deep and the sun and winds have positive effects on the quality of the argan fruits.

Cracked by hand, the kernels are selected for artisan roasting by our ‘maître torréfacteur’ monitoring temperature, time and texture.

After quality control, small batches are cold pressed produced, with a rigid filtration process to provide top quality Culinary Argan Oil.


Packed with Vitamin A, Antioxidents, Omega- 3 & Omega-6 fatty acids, lineoleic acid, & 3X more Vitamin E than OIlive Oil, Culinary Argan is full of scientifically proven health benefits.

Lowers Cholesterol

Culinary Argan oil has phenolic constituents that inhibit oxidation of bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol.

Anti-Aging Agent

Rich in antioxidants, Culinary Argan Oil effectively fights against aging skin.

Helps Prevent + Manage Diabletes

Culinary Argan Oil can decrease triglyceride levels in diabetics.

Aid in Weight Loss

Significantly improves insulin sensitivity and decreases bad cholesterol in the blood, reducing subcutaneous fat.

Prevents Various Types of Cancer

HIgh Levels of tocopherols and squalines inhibit that proloferation of cancer cells.

Protects against Heart Disease

Culinary Argan Oil has anticoagulant properties, which is important in the prevention of heart disease.


Discover decadent and healthy recipes using our Culinary Argan Oil!