About Dr. Mitsuko Itoh:
Dr. Itoh is a famous Pediatrician (Department of Pediatrics, the University of Tokyo Hospital) and Public Health specialist. Dr.Itoh is also the Director of Akasaka Family Clinic. She’s widely active in research, lectures, TV appearances, and authored multiple books etc.
She operates a kitchen workshop in her NPO “Healthy Children, Healthy Lives”. Book “Antioxidant sesame life recommended by doctor Itoh” (Taiwan version also published) https://www.afc.tokyo

Dr. Itoh:
“Since culinary argan oil is rich in vitamin E, it can be expected to have anti-aging effects as oil with high antioxidant power. Since the smoke point of culinary argan oil (the temperature at which it is heated and oxidized) is 170 °C, it can be heated if it is cooked at 100 ° C or 120 ° C. You can enjoy the fragrant nutty aroma whether it is cold or heated.”

Sakura shrimp and broccoli sprout with culinary argan oil.

Sakura dry shrimp 40g
Broccoli sprouts 1 pack
Culinary Argan oil 2 tsp
Salt and pepper, as desired
Lemon juice 1 teaspoon

How to make:
Simply mix all ingredients.

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Culinary Argan oil recipes by Dr. Mitsuko Itoh
recipe by Dr. Itoh 1 dry shrimp
recipe by Dr. Itoh 1 dry shrimp
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