Why Misao Itoh Loves Culinary Argan Oil

Why Misao Itoh Loves Culinary Argan Oil

GRETHA is an international independent group of researchers with a focus on exploring therapeutical benefits of Argan oil, as well as conducting clinical research. GRETHA’s scholars are medical doctors, pharmacologists, and researchers and study a variety of diseases and therapies.
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Prof. Dr. Mourad Errasfa, coordinator of GRETHA, recently published ‘Argan, the Green Medicine. He highly recommends SULA NYC’s Culinary Argan Oil and sent me this comment. “So I love SULA NYC’s Culinary Argan Oil not other brand’s”.

“From the first time I tried SULA NYC’s argan oil, their cosmetic and culinary oils, I have found it to be just great!! Very pleasant aroma for the cosmetic one, and good taste for the culinary oil. That probably has to do with good sourcing of argan oil in Morocco by SULA NYC, and their producers’ high quality standards of nuts as well as the production chain of the argan oil. This argan oil is known for its high content of gamma tocopherol called Vitamin E, but it also contains very important substances such as oleic and linoleic acid that could play a role to soften fabrics in the clothing industry and very good for health because it contains many other organic substances. So, if I would have to choose, SULA NYC’s argan oil is the best.”
Prof. Dr. Mourad ErrasfaI love Argan oil Misao ItohDr. Mourad Errasfa obtained his Phd in Pharmacology in 1988 at the University of Paris V Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pasteur Institute. He was research assistant at Harvard Medica

School and Massachusetts General Hospital (1988-1991), New York University Medical Center (1991-1993), Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas (1994-1997).
Currently, full professor of pharmacology at Faculty of medicine of Fez (Morocco) and coordinator of GRETHA (Research team on health benefits of argan oil).

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