Benefits of Argan Oil


By Dr. Bengebara Omar M.D.   There….

There is a certain species of tree in Morocco, called Argan tree, which produces a very valuable vegetable oil from its grains. With the scientific name of Argania Spinosa, this tree has long been considered sacred thanks to this oil and all the benefits it provides. Moroccans call it : “miracle oil”.

  • Science has rediscovered Argan oil and proved many benefits of this millenary product. The purpose of this article is to exhibit some of them related to :


  • Its nutritionnal advantages.

     Argan oil is rich in vitamin E that has antioxidant properties. It is also well supplied with omega 9,  that is beneficial to the cardiovascular system, and omega 6, an essential fatty acids. According to a study from the University of Casablanca (Morocco), Argan oil can decrease triglyceride and cholesterol levels in patients with dyslipidaemia (who have too much lipid in the blood) and diabetics.

  • Prostate cancer.

      Argan oil has high levels of tocopherols and squalenes, suggesting that it may be an anti-cancer agent. In vitro studies have shown that the polyphenols and sterols derived from this oil inhibit the proliferation of prostate cancer cells, whether this proliferation is hormone-dependent or hormone-independent. This property has been confirmed on human cell lines.

  • Hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia.

     Argan oil has phenolic constituents that have the property of inhibiting the oxidation of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) and increasing the good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) in humans, two known phenomena that reduce the risk of hypercholesterolemia. These results obtained in vitro were confirmed in a study involving 96 people who consumed argan oil (25 g / day) for three weeks with LDL levels reduced by 13% compared to those that has not eaten Argan oil. Likewise, this oil lowers triglyceride levels in humans.

  • Disorders linked to menopause.

     Some studies suggest that vitamin E supplements may be beneficial in postmenopausal women. A study published in 2013 showed that vitamin E levels were increased in 151 postmenopausal women who had taken argan oil, suggesting that Argan oil could prevent menopausal disorders. As a reminder, disorders related to menopause are diverse and interest in addition to the genital tract, the musculoskeletal, nervous and immune systems.

  • The revitalizing effect for the skin.

           Argan oil is excellent for the skin because it improves its elasticity and also a its flexibility. Argan oil is also a natural anti-aging. Rich in antioxidants, it effectively fights against aging skin. It can also be used to hydrate the rest of the body, Argan oil should not be used only on the face.

  • Its healing effect on the skin.

      In case of dry skin, chapped skin, stretch marks or eczema, you will find with Argan oil an excellent remedy. This oil has indeed healing virtues that are quite exceptional. It will also help soothe the itching or irritation of the skin. To soften skin damaged by a scar, argan oil will also be very beneficial.

      In winter, it can be used as a lip balm. An application every evening on the lips effectively relieves chapped skin. Its use for the skin of the hands and feet is recommended in case of frostbite. This oil is especially recommended for pregnant women to avoid stretch marks on the stomach, upper thighs and breasts.

  • Its properties against acne.

      As surprising as it may seem, Argan oil is a good solution to fight acne. One would tend to think that applying an oil on oily skin could only worsen the situation but thanks to its antioxidant power, argan oil allows acne skin to find their balance, without clogging pores.

      In addition, its healing properties will allow the skin to regenerate more easily and reduce skin inflammation. To use it in the treatment of acne skin, it is necessary to apply a few drops in the morning and evening on a clean skin.

  • Its protective and nourishing effect for the hair.

       Argan oil is a very good alternative to hair masks. To take care of your hair, this oil is just right. It will nourish them deeply and protect them from external aggression. It will repair split ends and make your hair softer and shinier.

      It’s smart to add a few drops of oil to the shampoo you use. You will be really surprised by the result: stronger and more silky hair. For those who have made colorations, this oil allows to keep longer the brightness of the chosen color.

  • Its protective effect against cardiovascular diseases.

        In Morocco, for centuries, Argan oil has been used to prevent cardiovascular disease. Numerous studies have shown that this oil can reduce cardiovascular risk because it plays a role in the regulation of blood pressure, plasma lipids and antioxidant status. It also has anticoagulant properties, which is important in the prevention of heart disease.

        Many studies demonstrated that Argan oil inhibits platelet aggregation in vitro, therefore it helps in protecting against the formation of atheroma plaques in the vessels of the heart and brain. Thus, it reduces the rates of cerebrovascular accidents and heart attacks.

  • Modern science has rediscovered the benefits of Argan Oil. This has given it a worldwide reputation, as well as the interest of many pharmaceutical laboratories who aim to explore and use its effect on health.



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