There are plenty of new cookbooks that will satisfy your cravings and curiosity. Whether you’re into baking, grilling, or plant-based cooking, you will find it in this list of cookbooks with a focus on health and sustainability. Most are available as a (audio) book, or digital. Whether it is ASN, the American Society for Nutrition (, Food and Health WatchDog, The Organic Center or Food + Planet  they all have original healthy recipes and are informative.

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The New York Times has monthly cookbook reviews. Just last week they published ‘How TikTok is reshaping the American Cookbook’. Let’s take a look at other cookbooks:

  • Sweet Enough: A Baking Book by Alison Roman. The popular author of Dining In and Nothing Fancy is back with her first cookbook dedicated to desserts. But don’t worry, these treats are not overly sweet or complicated. Roman uses natural sweeteners, whole grains, and seasonal fruits to create simple and satisfying baked goods that won’t make you feel guilty. Think Salted Lemon Pie, and Tahini Brownies. This book is perfect for anyone who loves baking but wants to keep it balanced and wholesome.
  • Ever-Green Vietnamese by Andrea Nguyen. The award-winning author of Vietnamese Food Any Day and The Pho Cookbook brings us another stunning collection of recipes from her native cuisine. This time, she focuses on plant-based dishes that are fresh, flavorful, and filling. You’ll find recipes for salads, soups, noodles, rice, tofu, and more that showcase the vibrant herbs, spices, and sauces of Vietnamese cooking. You’ll also learn how to make your own plant-based fish sauce, coconut milk, and vegan egg. This book is a must-have to explore the diversity and deliciousness of Vietnamese food.
  • Cooking for the Culture: Recipes and Stories from the New Orleans Streets to the Table** by Toya Boudy. The chef and Food Network star shares her personal journey and culinary heritage in this soulful cookbook. Boudy celebrates the rich and diverse culture of New Orleans with recipes that reflect her Creole, Cajun, African American, and French influences. You’ll find dishes like Sweet Cream Farina, Smothered Chicken, Jambalaya, and more that will make you feel like you’re in the Big Easy. This book is a tribute to the power and joy of food.
  • Eating from Our Roots: 80+ Healthy Home-Cooked Favorites from Cultures Around the World by Maya Feller. This cookbook is written by a registered dietician who shares recipes from various cuisines that use sustainable and minimally processed ingredients. The author also provides nutrition tips and cultural insights for each dish.
  • On the Curry Trail: Chasing the Flavor That Seduced the World by Raghavan Iyer. This book is a fascinating journey into the history and culture of curry, one of the most popular and diverse dishes in the world. The author, a food writer and TV host travels to different countries and regions to explore the origins and variations of curry and shares over 50 recipes along the way.
  • Mayumu: Filipino American Desserts Remixed by Abi Balingit. This book is a collection of dessert recipes and essays that celebrate Filipino-American heritage and identity. The author, a blogger and pastry chef, draws inspiration from her family’s stories and traditions, as well as her experiences selling pasalubong boxes of desserts during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 50 Pies, 50 States: An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the United States Through Pie by Stacey Mei Yan Fong. This book is a unique tribute to the diversity and beauty of the United States through pie. The author, who was born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong and Indonesia, moved to the U.S. for college and later started baking pies honoring each state as part of her green card application process. This book features a pie recipe for every state, as well as personal stories and photos.

Specialty Cookbooks with Culinary Argan Oil

Sesame oil, or extra-virgin olive oil recipes. These oils are known for their health benefits, flavor, and versatility in cooking.

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Culinary Argan Oil: The Moroccan Treasure by Zoubida Charrouf and Abdellatif Khiraoui. This cookbook introduces the history, production, and properties of culinary argan oil, native to Morocco. The book also features over 50 recipes that showcase the nutty and aromatic flavor of argan oil in salads, soups, tagines, couscous, desserts, and more.

  • The Sesame Oil Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes from Around the World by Ellen Leong Blonder. This cookbook celebrates the rich and diverse culinary uses of sesame oil, a staple ingredient in many Asian cuisines. The book offers recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, sauces, and desserts that highlight the distinctive taste and aroma of sesame oil. The book also includes tips on how to choose, store, and cook with sesame oil.
  • Extra Virgin: Recipes & Love from Our Tuscan Kitchen by Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar. This cookbook is written by a celebrity couple who share their passion for Tuscan food and culture. The book features over 120 recipes that use extra-virgin olive oil as a key ingredient in dishes such as bruschetta, pasta, pizza, meatballs, roasted vegetables, and tiramisu.
  • Autentico: Cooking Italian, the Authentic Way. Rolando Beramendi simply exudes enthusiasm, wrote Ina Garten in a foreword. The title of this book says it all: authentic Italian food, inspired by family and chefs using extraordinary Italian ingredients and the purpose sharing food and joy. EVOO is a cornerstone in his recipes.

 VEGAN Cookbooks:

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  • Vegan Moroccan Cookbook: 50 Delicious and Easy Plant-Based Recipes from Morocco by Nada Elhadri. This cookbook introduces the flavors and spices of Moroccan cuisine, with dishes such as couscous, tagine, harira, and pastilla. The author uses argan oil in many of the recipes.
  • The Vegan Asian Kitchen: Easy and Flavorful Plant-Based Recipes with Sesame Oil by Jackie Kearney. This cookbook showcases the diversity and richness of Asian food, with recipes from China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and more. The author uses sesame oil, a staple ingredient in many Asian cuisines, to enhance the taste and aroma of the dishes.
  • The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen: Fresh and Flavorful Plant-Based Recipes with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil by Donna Klein. This cookbook celebrates the Mediterranean diet, which is known for its health benefits and deliciousness. The author uses extra-virgin olive oil, a high-quality oil with a fruity flavor, in most of the recipes. The book features dishes such as salads, soups, pastas, pizzas, breads, and desserts.

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