From Top Culinary Recipes to ‘Let’s Try At-Home’ Dishes

Recently we posted noted Japanese Chef Wei‘s creative culinary use of Culinary Argan Oil in his restaurant L’ Essor in Tokyo.

We’re happy with the positive responses to his endeavors. In this blog, we highlight our precious golden oil in combination with different ingredients. Culinary Argan Oil has a distinct flavor profile and taste, it is not a neutral, middle-of-the-road player in the palate. Don’t have it overwhelmed by or lost in a bunch of competing flavors.

Whole Grains:

whole grains

Barley, Quinoa, Amaranth, and Buckwheat, to name a few. The Mayo Clinic calls these grains “Hearty options for a healthy diet”.  These slow-releasing carbohydrates have an earthy flavor, complementing our oil.

Nuts and Seeds:

Nuts and Seeds

Walnuts and Pistachios combine harmoniously and enrich the flavor profile of ‘culi’.



Grilling Vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, bell peppers, and squash are great for grilling, giving the veggies a smoky taste that works well with the nuttiness of the oil. And try it with sweet potato.

We all know the impact of the oil on couscous, falafel, or beans, and its transforming powers work on salads, rice, and pasta dishes.

Breakfast with coffee

Other than ingredients, think about adding a dash of culinary argan oil to coffee (we tried this in Nazeem Ally South Africa’s coffeeshop first), smoothies, yogurt, or muesli’s.

For more inspiration on desserts: the World Association of Chef Societies, in cooperation with Nestle, just published an inspiring video on desserts. Learn trends, how to make.. get inspired – and with Sandwiches as big surprise dessert:

Tofu (bean curd), Tempeh, and Miso are processed (considered plant-based but not vegetables) products from soya beans, all rich in proteins. Tofu is pure, not fermented, and neutral in taste; Tempeh (from Indonesia) and Miso (from Japan) are fermented and contain other ingredients as well. All three are a staple in recipes for vegetarians and vegans.

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