Misao Itoh

Culinary Argan Oil is the best! ; The taste of SULA NYC’s culinary Argan oil was my first experience and it was surprising. Kato Takayoshi, French Chef sent me an e-mail saying “To put argan oil on raw ham melon is super delicious!”, so I tried it and it was really “super delicious! “. Recipes such as  Chef Kato and Patissiers are introduced at www.culinaryarganoil.com, so please have a look.
Argan oil is also good for chocolate, baked goods, salad and so on, but I’m trying to put it in Japanese food. When I put argan oil into miso soup, “Umami” came out and it was a nice taste. Miso and oil are compatible. Vinegar and oil are also good, so it is perfect for Mozuku vinegar (seaweed soaked in vinegar).

Argan oil, which has a lot of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Omega 3,6, & 9, has many possibilities. 


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