First International Congress on the Enhancement of Mediterranean Vegetal Biodiversity: Nutritional, Therapeutic and Biotechnological Aspects

Culinary Argan Oil’s Wim Reinders is honored to be a speaker at this first international symposium on ‘Valorization of the Mediterranean Vegetal Diversity’. His presentation is on Global Value Chains, Trade Flows, and Data Mining.

Maglor reports:

From 25 to 26 April 2024, Marrakech, Morocco, will host the first-ever International Symposium on the Enhancement of Mediterranean Plant Biodiversity. This major event, organized in collaboration with several renowned institutions, including the University of Burgundy in France and Moulay Ismail University in Morocco, will focus on the nutritional, therapeutic and biotechnological aspects of Mediterranean plants.

The Bioresources and Food Safety Laboratory of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Cadi Ayyad University, in partnership with institutions such as the National Research Center in Rome, the National Agency for Aromatic and Medicinal Plants in Taounat and the Moroccan Society of Immunology, worked hand in hand to bring this promising event to life.

Under the coordination of Jamal Hafid, Adil El Midaoui, Gérard Lizard and Fouad Seghrouchni, this symposium will bring together experts and researchers from different disciplines, coming from various geographical horizons. Together, they will explore the multiple facets of the Mediterranean region’s plant richness and discuss its potential applications in various fields, from nutrition to medicine to biotechnology.

This unique initiative promises to be a forum for exchange and sharing of knowledge, thus fostering international collaboration for a better understanding and optimal enhancement of Mediterranean plant biodiversity. The research presented at this symposium could open up new perspectives in the field of health, food and the biotechnology industry, thus contributing to the well-being of society.

In short, the First International Symposium on the Enhancement of Mediterranean Plant Biodiversity promises to be an unmissable event for all those interested in the exploration and exploitation of the natural resources of this emblematic region.

We created a special dish for this symposium, a first. The recipe honors some of the ingredients from the Mediterranean, such as Thyme, Saffron, and Culinary Argan Oil. Add protein, lamb, or chicken, if desired. Our recipe will be posted in the recipe section on April 26, after Wim’s presentation.

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