How Culinary Argan Oil Enhances the Taste of Sushi

Noted author Misao Itoh enjoyed a culinary event in Tokyo with plates of Sushi with organic oils, not with traditional soy sauce.  

Misao Itoh: “I thoroughly enjoyed the oil sushi dishes made by Chef Masayuki Okuda, who won the 2023 Cooking Master Gold Award from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries sweepstakes program “.

chef Okuda

While enjoying seafood soup and fresh vegetables, I enjoyed delicious sushi from another world with a novel marriage of fish and oil, such as ginger oil and squid, wasabi oil and octopus, apricot oil and golden sea bream, garlic basil oil and tuna, etc.” 

3 (1)

“I gave Chef Okuda a sample of SULA NYC’s argan oil ( and chocolate made with this argan oil ( After eating the chocolate, Chef Okuda: “Culinary argan oil also pairs well with shellfish, and sushi”. 

chocolate bar made with culinary argan oil

Thank you to oil sommelier Ms. Jun Mochizuki ( for planning this wonderful event.  We are looking forward to the events planned for this year with Sushi and Culinary Argan Oil!  

Japanese text below: 

OIL SUSHI: 今年、農林水産省懸賞制度「料理マスターズ」ゴールド賞を受賞した奥田政 




奥田シェフにSULA NYCのアルガンオイル( )のサンプル 

とアルガンオイルを使ったチョコレート( )を差し上 




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