Imagine: Culinary Argan Oil reduces your high blood pressure?

Not so imaginary, according to science. Good news!

As you may have noticed, we follow scientific studies featuring Argan oil. Basic (or ‘fundamental’: knowledge for knowledge’s sake) research is key, and when benefits for medical therapies are studied: we are all ears – and publish abstracts on and>

Recently a study, related to diabetes mellitus, was published demonstrating that a culinary argan oil treatment reduced elevation of hypertension (blood pressure), hyperglycemia (too much glucose) and insulin resistance through its antioxidative stress in glucose-fed rats. ‘Culinary argan oil may be of potential therapeutic value in the treatment of arterial hypertension and insulin resistance’, concluded the researchers: Prof. dr. A. El Midaoui,  Y Haddad and dr. R Couture, faculty of the University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada and the Moulay Ismail Meknes University, Errachidia, Morocco.

In short:

  • Five weeks of treatment with glucose led to increases in systolic blood pressure, plasma glucose, and insulin levels as well as an increase in the insulin resistance index in association with a rise in superoxide anion production and NADPH oxidase activity in the aorta. Glucose-fed rats exhibited higher vascular oxidative stress
  • The simultaneous treatment with argan oil prevented or significantly reduced all of these effects, yet the same treatment with corn oil had a positive effect only on hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance and no effect on vascular oxidative stress and hypertension

So this results supports the findings of the Turkish researchers we published last month.

Improving research

Based on preclinical and clinical studies it appears Argan oil has real therapeutic potential, particularly pathologies where the cholesterol, hyperglycemia, oxidative stress and certain components of the metabolic syndrome are involved.

Morocco has implemented a comprehensive strategy for scientific research, the development and promotion of the argan tree, by creating the National Agency for the development of oasis zones and Argan (ANDZOA) who since 2011 bi-annually organizes an international congress on the argan tree. It aims to promote scientific research in all its forms around the argan tree, whose scientific research on the therapeutic effects of Argan oil which is a national priority.

Initiated by Prof. Dr. M. Errasfa the formation of the Research Group on the therapeutic effects of Argan oil (GRETHA) in rheumatology, nephrology, neurology and ophthalmology was introduced to encourage clinical research in multiple disciplines to lift the veil not only on the possible therapeutic benefits of Argan Oil, but also to promote clinical research to develop other products of Moroccan soil.

We are happy with a very recent initiative by the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Errachidia, Morocco: the 1st International Symposium: “The Beneficial Effects of Argan Oil on Human Health”.

The Coordination Committee Prof. Dr. A. El Midaoui, Prof. Dr. L. El Rhaffari and Prof. Dr. Y. Filali-Zegzouti introduce this symposium:

This symposium aims to join together national and international university researchers and health professionals operating in the public and private sector.

The mission of this event is summarised as following:

  1. Supply a platform of communication and meeting for researchers and professionals
  2. Share recent results and identify the future needs for the research on the beneficial effects of Argan oil on health.

More on this symposium in our next post!

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