International Symposium on the Beneficial Effects of Argan oil on Human Health

New York City based organic brand SULA NYC supports the first International Symposium on the Beneficial Effects of Argan oil on Human Health. Initiated and hosted by the Faculty of Sciences of Errachidia, Morocco on May 4-6 2017.

Argan Oil Symposium

This symposium aims to join together national and international university researchers and health professionals operating in the public and private sector.

  1. Supply a platform of communication and meeting for researchers and professionals
  2. Share recent results and identify the future needs for the research on the beneficial effects of Argan oil on human health health

SULA NYC’ s Wim Reinders, Chairman Board of Directors, will speak about ‘Challenges and Trends’ a New York perspective on Health and Wellness’.

GRETHA ‘s Prof. Dr. M. Errasfa is the key-note speaker on one of the 4 topics:

‘Efficacy of argan oil on pain, metabolic syndrome and oxidative stress in rheumatology and nephrology’. SULA NYC provides the organic argan oil GRETHA uses for clinical trials.

4 Thematic Clusters will be addressed:

Topic n°1: Chemical structures, Properties and additional value of Argan oil
Topic n°2: Therapeutic, Cosmetic and Nutritional virtues of Argan oil
Topic n°3: Implication of Argan oil in the Prevention and the Treatment of various Medical Pathologies
Topic n°4: Argan oil as a Socio-economic Lever for Sustained and Integrated Development

And in 2 ROUND TABLES the subjects are:

– Argan oil between Research and Industry: Reports and Stakes
– The sectors of Argan oil, Labelling, Traceability and Transparency

More info on the symposium:

SULA NYC is the only organic brand which frequently publishes abstracts of scientific results related to Argan oil on its websites: for cosmetic argan oil: and for culinary argan oil

Health benefits are more and more researched and already proven beneficial to help cure the Metabolic Syndrome (Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity), Cardiovascular Disease

The organic argan oil is USDA certified by CCOF.

Argan Oil benefits Infographic

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